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 Since noone goes here, and I can't do tumblr on mobile

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PostSubject: Since noone goes here, and I can't do tumblr on mobile   Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:11 am

So. Here's my experience with Paul, the movie. I rented it, but it wouldn't play. That needs elaborating. Here's how it worked, the trailers would play, uninterrupted aside from minor hiccups. Some great, lengthy trailers that I just couldn't skip, couldn't fast forward, and on a foolish whim, couldn't even pause. FANTASTIC. Anyway, heres how it couldn't play.
There was no cursor.
None. I just waited, maybe its one of those DVD menus that don't load, y'know, but then I realize theres no cursor on screen.
Oh well, whatever, maybe its one of those DVDs where the menu has colored icons that change color when you push buttons, y'know?
It wasn't.
So, I tried using the remote, nothing happened. At first I figure, batteries must be dead, right? So I try using the player itself. Nothing.
I try using my computer to rip it, so I can watch it without the trailers, nothing. My computer didn't recognize it as a disc.
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PostSubject: part 2   Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:24 am

"Actually, I'm speaking english you fucking idiot"

So, I decided to type this all while watching the movie, so I apologise.
I get the movie and receipt and drive back to blockbuster, to exchange it. The guy working there just did not give a SHIT what was going on, so I explain it to him, and he only raises his eyes when I point out that I checked it on my computer. Its around this point he probably saw my unkempt hair, my slight obesity, and my Soylent Green t-shirt. Yeah, I'm the movie buff type, gimme my horrible scifi movie already.
So, I get home and bitch on twitter and facebook, suffer through the trailer of "bring it on: the musical" AGAIN, and finally get to the menu.
Y'know, people complain that you had to rewind vhs tapes, but at least you could fast forward.
God, this movie is vulgar...
Anyway, I have a vhs copy of "the man with one red shoe" right here on my shelf that I haven't seen yet, and here I am making round trips across to a failing company and back trying to watch a movie on an already semi outdated format. God.
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PostSubject: part 3   Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:37 am

"well, I'm not going to eat a DEAD bird, am I?"

ugh... ok, so getting past my many first world problems, just gonna take a few minutes to talk about this movie.
It starts with the 2 guys from "shaun of the dead" as they go from europe to SDCC. "oh, i get ot they're nerds!" says the hollywood producers, "lets make them socially awkward, make constant nerdy pop culture references, and have everyone make fun of them! Brilliant!"
So, the two guys go to really overly obscure tourist destinations and discuss various cliches.
Kinda like in "hot fuzz," so I'm fairly sure all the cliches will occur in the ending.
Paul, the alien, has been here 60 years, apparently locked in the same warehouse from "indiana jones 4 a twist in time" and communicating through radio, influencing pop culture.

"its jesus shooting charles darwin"
"why would jesus shoot darwin?"
"for his blasphemous ways."

ok, now its a religious arguement. Y'know, this movie isn't that bad actually.
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PostSubject: done with parts now   Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:44 am

Y'know, a few things about Paul, he can heal small animals, share his collected information to other people, and argues with people about religion. They also keep implying he has a big penis, which is always good.

Oh, and now the fat guy is gay I guess. I dunno, this is a weird movie.
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PostSubject: Re: Since noone goes here, and I can't do tumblr on mobile   

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Since noone goes here, and I can't do tumblr on mobile
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